Knowing what to look for can help people seek treatment and resources sooner and can result in better outcomes. For more information please call us 1-800-465-2601 or email

Additional Resources

Facts and statistics about Schizophrenia 

Early intervention through Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program First episode psychosis ages 15-35 email:  or call 902-473-2976

Hope For Mental Health Caregiver Guide: Rays of Hope (call or email for your copy)

Schizophrenia Research Institute Library – An internet community dedicated to providing information and support and education for family members and caregivers.

Mental Health Channel –; YouTube

Anxiety Canada is a leader in developing free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety. For more information click HERE

National Alliance on Mental Illness works to educate, advocate, listen and lead to improve the lives of people with mental illness and their loved ones. For more information click HERE

Canadian Mental Health Association provides advocacy, programs and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive. For more information click HERE