Program Location
 Online    In person
How much support do you recieve as a caregiver from family/friends/others?
 None    Some Support    A Lot of Support
Please rate your level of contact with mental health care providers.
 No Contact    Some Contact    A Lot of Contact
Please answer the following questions about facilitation
Poor Average Good Excellent
How did you find the facilitation of the sessions in this program?
How well organized was the information presented in each session?
How did you find the facilitators knowledge of topics covered?
Was the time alloted for discussion adequate?
Please rate your level of confidence in dealing with the situation you are facing as a care giver.
 Very little
 Very strong
How helpful were the sessions on communication skills?
Poor Average Good Excellent
Noticing the Positives
Asking for What You Want
Expressing Difficult Feelings
Problem Solving
How adequate was the time allocated to practice new skills?
How helpful did you find the information on the following topics?
Poor Average Good Excellent
Information About Mental Illnesses
Understanding Confidentiality (guidelines for giving and receiving information from mental health professionals)
Crisis & Relapse Management
Recovery and Hope
Mental Health and Addiction Services and Community Supports
Looking After Yourself
How helpful was the information provided about addictions?
 Check if Not Applicable
To what extent do you feel the skills and information presented will be helpful to you in your caring role?
 Not a Lot
 Quite a Lot
Was any information not covered that would have been helpful to you?
 Yes    No
How would you rate the Families Matter program you attended?